Teams Select New Format For Setting 2014 Grid

Mini Indy Teams have decides to change the format for setting the grid for the 18th running of the Susquehanna 500.  This year grid positions will be determined by a random draw rather than each car running a 'hot lap'.  This change will provide the teams with an additional 20-minute practice session allowing teams to fine tune their setup and give new drivers more track time.  Altogether, teams should have 60 minutes of morning practice before competition begins around 1 pm Saturday




You've seen these small versions of Indianapolis race cars in Brandon Park and wondered what's it all about, and how to get involved.  Well, here's a chance to learn all about it!

First, understand that the Susquehanna 500 Mini Indy series has dedicated itself to supporting local non-profit charities by raising as much money as our race teams possibly can.  We do this by locating sponsors who generously provide an entry fee that goes directly to the charity.       

You'll need a car of course.  THIS YEAR THERE ARE A NUMBER OF CARS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASSE!  Each will require some work to get them race-ready.  (Race prep...that's a big part of the fun!!!)  Our hope is that a local fabricator will also be able to provide new cars.

Lastly, you'll need some time, patience and a little mechanical skill.  (Not much really!)

There's more to it of course, but any member of any team would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Anyone interested can call Joe Hutchinson, Susquehanna 500 Race Teams Chairman at 570-916-4755 for more information or see "Contact Us" page to send an email directly.

Good luck!  And see you at the track!